Benefits of Leasing


  • Lower monthly payments compared to those who purchase a loan for the same make, model, and type of vehicle.
  • Ownership equity investment is non-existent.
  • Lower down and monthly payments means that you essentially get more car for your money and have the opportunity to trade it in after just a few years. 
  • Maintenance is less stressful because you are able to create a contract that expires before/when the vehicle warranty is up. General upkeep is still required and is sometimes offered at a discounted rate at your dealership as an incentive.
  • Most car leases require a lower down payment, or none at all. It also allows the buyer to decide whether they would like to trade in their previous vehicle, or make a down payment to lower the monthly payment amount. 
  • Upfront tax rates aren't anything to worry about. When you lease a vehicle, your rates are waived since you will not be owning the car for its entirety. Instead, your dealership will pull those tax rates out of your monthly lease payment at a rate that is equal to what the car is worth while it is in your possession. 
  • No buyers remorse. If you decide you don't like the vehicle, when your contract ends you are given the opportunity to walk away from the car, exchange it for another, or purchase it if you end up enjoying the experience.
  • Accidents happen and sometimes car insurance won't cover it all. When you sign a lease agreement you are usually given complimentary gap protection which protects your vehicle if it is totaled or stolen.
  • Enjoy the advanced technology and state-of-the-art updates every 2-4 years.
  • Improved safety features give you the added protection you need at a lesser cost.
  • Rid yourself of the burden of reselling your car. Your dealer will work with you to determine a price point that your car will be worth after it is turned back into the dealership.

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